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Opportunities Sans Borders

Who We Are.

Abode Options and its team meticulously engage themselves in analyzing various citizenship programs to assist clients and provide them tailored options. A solution that works for each client in the real sense, not theory.

Whether you are looking for improved travel potential, tax efficient investment planning or you simply want your personal security, our seasoned immigration experts will help you determine the best second citizenship options that suit your needs. We specialize in impact assessment and enable you to take complete control of your and your family’s wealth.


You Aspire, We Deliver

Our Values.


We operate in an environment which is centered on openness, demonstrates honesty and accountability. Our clients know they can trust us due to our upfront approach which contributes to developing stronger stakeholder relationships.


Strong moral principles enable us to act ethically even when no one is watching. We do the right thing at all times! We do what we say and remain compliant with the regulatory authorities. Integrity promotes strong and resilient teams, helps foster an open and positive working relationship with clients all along the journey.


We are a diverse organisation and operate with superlative cultural understanding, our clients and colleagues make up a rich kaleidoscope of nationalities. We offer a variety of programs and business solutions that best suit our clients’ needs.


We help clients strengthen their financial standing by offering them tailormade, out of the box solutions. We put our clients at the heart of whatever we do.  


We champion improvement and adjust to the ever-changing competitive world. We work on industry incongruities and create long term value for our clients and stakeholders.

Our Mission.

Sustaining long-term client relationships by providing bespoke wealth management solutions that guarantee a better life through global citizenship. Being Trailblazers in fulfilling clients’ desires through our tailormade approach

Our Vision.

Creating unequaled opportunities for Global Citizenship.


Better Tax

Ease of Visa Free Travel to over 180 Countries

Looking For A Second Citizenship?

Secure your Future. Learn how our experts can help you obtain the Second citizenship. Benefit from our Experience & get your second passport with Abode Options.