Canada-Citizenship Second passport


  • Continent Americas
  • Capital Ottawa
  • Official Language English & French
  • Visa-Free Countries 188
  • Passport Rank 7
  • Currency CAD

Canada - A Dream Destination

Canada Residency by Investment Program.

One of the largest and wealthiest countries in the world, Canada is immensely rich in natural beauty. Canada spans over a huge area and features immense lakes, forests, and wildlife, mountains and plains.

Canada is the epitome of religious and cultural tolerance. Its blend of cultures and multifaceted history makes it one of the most popular destinations for investor immigrants wishing to relocate. It offers new residents, through various Canada Citizenship by Investment Programs & Canada Start-Up Visa, a host of investment and business opportunities. Renowned worldwide for a vigorous medical system, top-rated quality of life, civil liberties, and economic freedom, Canada becomes an obvious choice for a high net-worth investor as it promises to give them full rights.

Canada’s economy depends largely on the manufacturing, mining, and services sectors. Canada is the world’s second-largest country. However, it is one of the least populated countries in the world. As such, Canada welcomes skilled and high-net individuals as well as families to become its citizens.

Route to Canada Citizenship.

Ontario Provincial Nomination Program – Entrepreneur

1. Net worth- Based on Locale:

2. Personal investment funds & minimum equity - Based on Locale:

3. Business Experience

At least 2 years of full-time business experience in the last 60 months. The experience incorporates a business owner or a senior manager in business management having excellent managerial and decision-making skills. You must have owned at least one-third of the business and played an active role in the business.

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program – Entrepreneur

To qualify, for the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program, one must:


Yes. After passing Canada’s medical and security evaluations.

Yes. Demonstrating relevant business experience is a must. Prior to your application, you must have managed a business for at least two years

Yes. The investment is government guaranteed and will be fully repaid at the end investment period.

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