Travel to Canada made easier for Eligible Caribbean Passport holders

The longstanding bond between Canada and the Caribbean Islands has paved the way for easier travel arrangements. Following productive discussions between Caribbean nations and Canada, Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in Canada, recently announced the inclusion of five Caribbean countries to the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) program, benefiting eligible travellers. The […]

Key decisions Family Offices need to make


When asked “Why did you establish your family office” most founders would say “to preserve our family wealth for generations to come and to protect the family from any conflict that may arise from managing such wealth”.  Most often single-family offices are set up with the good intention of keeping the family (and wealth) close, […]

How Middle Eastern CEOs are future-proofing their companies


According to a report published by PWC, Middle East CEO’s are optimistic about the region’s economic growth prospects, with two thirds of business leaders expecting improvements this year despite global challenges.  We have pulled together key takeaways on how CEO’s in the region plan to future proof their organisations. 

Iranian Citizens can now apply for St Lucia Citizenship by Investment 


St Lucia has resumed the processing of applications for Iranian Citizens after it banned applications in 2018.  This is largely due to the  country being successful in in securing relationships with due diligence providers to perform  usual thorough standard of due diligence on Iranian’s.  Iranian Citizens who qualify for the programme will be granted Citizenship […]

Dominica #1 CBI Program in the Caribbean for 6th year


Once again the Commonwealth of Dominica has been ranked as the best Citizenship by Investment Programme by the CBI Index published in the Financial Times Professional Wealth Management magazine.  The country continues to be on a focused drive to offer investors a reliable safe haven amongst the constant global instability through it’s Economic Diversification Fund […]

Is Common Reporting Standards the end of tax havens?


For many wealthy individuals who hold second passports and businesses, offshore banking has provided a vehicle to protect wealth and diversify assets for many decades. However, throughout the years offshore banking has gained a negative reputation through headlines in the media, as a way for the ultra-wealthy to evade taxes and perform other illicit activities. […]

9% Corporate Tax to be introduced in the UAE


The UAE ministry of finance has announced on the 31st January 2022 that a new Federal Corporate Tax will be introduced in the UAE. The Federal Tax was said to take effect on 1st June 2023, for businesses who’s profits exceed AED 375,000 and will be subject to a standard statutory tax rate of 9%. […]