Dominica #1 CBI Program in the Caribbean for 6th year


Once again the Commonwealth of Dominica has been ranked as the best Citizenship by Investment Programme by the CBI Index published in the Financial Times Professional Wealth Management magazine. 

The country continues to be on a focused drive to offer investors a reliable safe haven amongst the constant global instability through it’s Economic Diversification Fund and government approved Real Estate. 

Dominica’s CBI programme finished with an overall percentage score of 90% and a perfect score in 6/9 pillars.  

  1. Minimum Investment Outlay Pillar: Minimum Affordable Contribution of USD 100, 000.
  2. Mandatory Travel Pillar: Applicants do not need to travel to the island when applying for the program, nor are they required to live in the island before or after citizenship is granted.
  3. Ease of Processing Pillar: Application process is clear, streamlined and fastest in the industry
  4. Due Diligence Pillar: Robust screening of applicants source of wealth and funds and thorough background checks.
  5. Family Pillar: Investors can include children under and over 18 years of age, siblings, parents, grandparents and both the main applicant and their spouse.
  6. Certainty of Product Pillar: Dominica programme has consistently been stabile, popular, has longevity, adaptability and a great reputation – all of which adds to it’s overall strength as the CBI programme of choice for many investors.

Dominica is also taking the lead in it’s sustainability efforts to ensure that it becomes the worlds first climate resilient nation for 2030. 

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