Dominica map


  • Continent Americas
  • Capital Roseau
  • Official Language English
  • Visa-Free Countries 144
  • Passport Rank 34
  • Currency XCD

Dominica - Nature Island of the Carribean

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

The esteemed Citizenship by investment programme came into action in 1993 which enables an applicant to gain legal second citizenship for themselves and their families. The Commonwealth of Dominica, an island nation offers individuals and families across the world to invest in the country and become part of its global community by acquiring its citizenship. It is the one of the least populated nation on the planet and is called the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ due to its unblemished natural beauty. Though English is the official language of the Country and is invariably spoken, French is also a widely used language.

Some basic qualifying checks for Dominican citizenship include being of outstanding character and health with no criminal record. The Dominican Citizenship Programme does not require you to be a resident and your application can be processed while you are staying in your home country. Citizens of Dominica can travel to more than 144 countries and territories around the world without the need of visa including, the UK, the countries of Schengen area, Russia and China

Route to Dominica Citizenship.

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

was introduced as a channel to acquire Dominican citizenship and support the economic development of the country. The non-refundable contribution is made directly to a government owned fund and is used for the socio-economic initiatives to ameliorate the public and private sector projects in Dominica. The fund is also used to add value to the growing industries like agriculture, information technology and tourism.

For a Single applicant the contribution is USD 100,000 and USD 50,000 is added for spouse. For a family of up to 4 including the spouse and two dependants is USD 175,000.

Real Estate Investment

An investment in a government authorised property worth at least USD 200,000 must be made to qualify for the Dominica citizenship by investment program. The real estate is resalable after 3 years from the date the citizenship is granted, or 5 years in case the future buyer is also an applicant of citizenship by investment in Dominica.

*This does not include the Due Diligence fee, government and other fees


3-4 months

No, there is no travel or stay requirement.

144 countries are visa free including the European Union, the UK, Russia, China and Brazil

No, there is no language or any in-person interview requirement

Imported capital and repatriated profits are not restricted

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