Greece-Citizenship Second passport


  • Continent Europe
  • Capital Athens
  • Official Language Greek
  • Visa-Free Countries 185
  • Passport Rank 7
  • Currency EUR

Greece - Country of Legends & Opportunity

Greece Residency by Investment Program.

Greece, officially Hellenic Republic, is a Mediterranean country in southeast Europe. Lying strategically at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa; Greece is known for its history, culture. Cradle of knowledge, the birthplace of democracy, western philosophy and literature, scientific principles, Greece is undoubtedly a historic marvel. It is also a developed EU country with a high-income economy, high quality of life and high standard of living. The country has the largest economy in the Balkans, and its unique heritage and location makes it one of the most important locations for global investors. Greece has been among the first countries to join the EU and is a founding member of the UN along with membership of Council of Europe, Schengen Area, NATO, WTO, and many internationally reputed organizations.

Route to Greece Residency.

The Greece Golden visa program was launched in 2013 by the government to offer permanent residence to bona fide investors and their families (including spouse, children, and parents) in return of a real estate investment in the country with following conditions:

Once the due diligence, legal processes and documentation, payment of the application fee is complete, the applicant will travel to Greece for the biometrics after which Golden visa shall be issued.


Yes, parents can be added to the Greece residency application

The residency process takes 2 months

The process can be completed without the need to visit Greece; however, a visit is required for biometric capturing at the end of the application

The residency is valid for 5 years which can be renewed indefinitely

It is not mandatory to stay in Greece; however, residing in Greece is important for the applicants looking to become a Greece citizen

Yes, it may after 7 uninterrupted years of residence

Dependents up to age 21 can be added to the Greece residency application

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