St. Lucia

  • Continent Americas
  • Capital Castries
  • Official Language English
  • Visa-Free Countries 146
  • Passport Rank 33
  • Currency XCD

St. Lucia - Let her inspire you!

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment.

Saint Lucia features breath-taking topography, serene beaches, fishing villages, rain forests, waterfalls, and much more. Given its world-class hotels, luxurious resorts, prime real estate, zero tax on worldwide income, and very low crime rate, Saint Lucia undoubtedly boasts a very high quality of life.

The citizenship by investment program was established in 2015 to encourage Foreign direct investment and making it possible for applicants to obtain Saint Lucia citizenship. Acquiring the second passport through the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program doesn’t require you to live in Saint Lucia to obtain citizenship, meaning you can apply for second strong passport without having to relocate or renounce your original nationality. Moreover, the applicant can include their dependent children and parents as well.

Route to St. Lucia Citizenship.

The National Economic Fund (NEF).

A non-refundable donation fund to receive foreign investments:

Additional qualifying dependents can be added for USD 15,000 each.
*This does not include the Due Diligence fee, government and other fees

Real Estate Investment.

An investment in luxurious hotels and boutique properties can be made in the pre-approved list of Real Estate by investing at least USD300,000. Other fees include the Property registration fees, Due diligence fees and non-refundable Government fee

COVID-19 Relief Bond.

A non-interest-bearing Government bond is another option available to acquire St Lucia citizenship. This special bond is available for a short period till 31st December 2021- a great opportunity for bond investors, and the same must remain in the applicant’s name for a certain period from the date of issue. The value starts from USD 250,000 for a Single Applicant with five year holding period. An administrative fee of USD 30,000 is to be paid by the sole applicant once he gets citizenship.

Government Bond Investment.

An investment in non-interest-bearing Government Bond to be made by the Sole applicant of USD 500,000 with a five-year hold period along with the administrative fee which is payable after the approval. Due-Diligence fees are USD 7500 for the main applicant and USD 5000 per dependent


3-4 months

No, there is no travel or stay requirement.

146+ countries are visa free including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Schengen area, and the UK

No, there is no language or any in-person interview requirement

Yes, the main applicant can add a spouse, their dependent children, and parents to the application for St Lucia citizenship

An unmarried sister or brother of the applicant who is below eighteen years of age can be added to the application with the consent of the parent/guardian

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