The Ultimate Guide To Portugal’s Golden Visa 2024  

portugal golden visa programme
European Union Region

Unlocking the doors to a relishing life in the heart of the EU region. 

Since the international residency programs have intensified everyone’s settling interests, a significant number of individuals are redirecting their gaze towards Golden Visa Programs.   

What is a Golden Visa Program?  

As intricate and straightforward as it may sound, a golden visa is usually obtained through specific investments, whether in mutual funds, government-authorized real estate projects, supporting science and culture, or government bonds. For starters, the term ‘Golden Visa’ arises from its considerable advantages, such as:  

  • Global mobility  
  • Tax benefits  
  • Access to exclusive healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Financial security  
  • Cultural exposure  

…and the list would go on!  

Portuguese Golden Visa

At first glance, a myriad of residency-by-investment programs offer similar benefits. However, there are a few fundamental and pivotal differences between programs offered by various countries. Among all the available options, Portugal Golden Visa stands out as the best option.

What makes the Portuguese Golden Visa a universal recourse, is that the path to residency and, ultimately, citizenship is less challenging and shorter.  

What’s more?

Investors can acquire Portuguese citizenship without moving to the nation permanently and renouncing their first citizenship status.

Portugal Golden Visa – Investment Options

1. Investment in Private Equity or Venture Capital 

Since the new law, as of 7 October 2023, states it’s no longer possible to qualify for the Golden Visa Program through real estate investment, an applicant can invest a minimum of €500,000 in a Private Equity or a Venture Capital Fund.  

The law states that the investment units must be held for at least 5 years.   

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Options

2. Job creation  

Establishing a business that will create a minimum of 10 jobs in Portugal with full social security contributions.  

3. Culture and science

Donations Towards Portugal’s National Heritage and Art: Donating a minimum of €250,000 to cultural projects. 

Key Benefits

1. Traveling to the EU region

The Portugal Golden Visa tends to eliminate the prerequisite of obtaining a Schengen visa. In this case, investors holding residency permits could spend a maximum of 90 days out of 180 in various other countries of the EU region.

2. The prospect of EU citizenship

With the ability to travel and work freely within the European Union region, the Portugal Golden Visa marks one of the initial progressions towards the prospect of acquiring EU citizenship. What’s more? It’s the easiest and quickest way to obtain it through naturalization. Investors with a Portuguese residence permit may apply for citizenship status post 5 years of sustaining the status. 

As a matter of fact, they can achieve it without moving to Portugal on a permanent basis. Inversely, no other country under the EU region allows earning citizenship by naturalization earlier than five years. 

3. Healthcare and Education  

Why do investors spend large sums for their applications for residency through investment programs? Perhaps to gain access to valuable state-provided education and world class healthcare amenities and resources.  

Portugal healthcare facilities

Nevertheless, Portugal residents can avail of free healthcare, meeting all the EU standards. Furthermore, residents’ children can be admitted to public and private schools, kindergartens, and educational institutions. They are not required to pay tuition fees.

4. Short stay requirement  

Recognized as one of the highlights, a Portuguese Golden Visa holder must spend a total of seven days (1 week) annually inside the country. Whereas other residency programs require a minimum stay of 183 days annually. 

5. Family reunification

Why would an investor navigate through immigration formalities and base their fortune on an alien nation? So that their family members can have a prosperous life on European soil.  

As a primary applicant, you can extend your Golden Visa benefits to your spouse, dependents, and parents. Once enrolled, the application can be processed simultaneously for the primary as well as dependent applicants.   

Changes to the Golden Visa Portugal  

The requirements concerning the Portugal Golden Visa were altered in October 2023.

Investment options. The government of Portugal canceled three forms of investments: buying a new real-estate property for €500,000, procuring an establishment for restoration for €280,000 or €350,000, followed by buying securities for €1,500,000.  

Application. The government body responsible for overseeing Golden Visa applications has been dissolved since October 2023. As of now, the applications for residence permits reach the AIMA – Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum.  

Fees. A residence card permit now costs €7,730 per applicant instead of €5,812.  

Abode Options – You Aspire, We Deliver  

It’s not mandatory for any specific investment plan to suit you how it suits someone else. Instrumenting legal paradigms and incorporating your business plans intertwine in such a way that only professionals can acknowledge.   

Abode Options, with their seasoned experts, can expedite the procedures, capitalizing on efficiency and save precious time, which is indispensable in realizing your objective of securing the Portuguese Golden Visa.   

The Bottom Line  

Pursuing a Portuguese Golden Visa encompasses extensive research work and determining a suitable investment option. In totality, applicants must be mindful of all the complex and time consuming paperwork involved.   

Take into account that enrolling as a Golden Visa applicant entails particular prerequisites that can only be fulfilled and performed by industry specialists. Consequently, discuss your

action plan and be mindful of your investment options, for they hold the key to unlocking your future endeavors and a winsome future for your family.