Vanuatu-Citizenship Second passport


  • Continent Oceania
  • Capital Port Vila
  • Official Language Bislama, English & French
  • Visa-Free Countries 98
  • Passport Rank 35
  • Currency VATU

Vanuatu- Happiest Country on Earth

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program.

Vanuatu, officially called the Republic of Vanuatu, is a conglomerate of around 80 big and small islands in the South Pacific. Its beautiful rainforests, clear beaches and tall coconut trees, and breath-taking marine life makes Vanuatu one of the finest tropical destinations for vacations. Vanuatu is full of diversity and is ranked fourth in the Happy Planet Index. Agriculture forms the backbone of the Vanuatuan economy along with booming tourism and offshore financial services.

In 2017, to boost the economy, the government of Vanuatu formally commenced the Citizenship by Investment Program which in 2018 generated over 30% of Government revenue and this grew to 37% in 2019 and the ambit is expected to continue. Vanuatu does not levy any tax on income and wealth. As such, Vanuatu citizenship is ideal for those who want to effectively plan their taxes or to simply call Vanuatu their second home. The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program offers citizenship to individuals with good health and excellent character along with the opportunity to include their family members in the application.

Besides being one of the fastest and most cost-effective citizenship programs around the world, Vanuatu is a part of Commonwealth, meaning its citizens enjoy certain rights in the UK owing to historical ties. The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment offers numerous benefits to individual investors as well as families. Having Vanuatu second passport gives you visa-free access to countries including the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Route to Vanuatu Citizenship.

Vanuatu Development Support Program (VDSP)

Launched in January of 2017 with a purpose to grow Vanuatu’s economy and support its infrastructure, development, and changes. Eligible applicants must make following non-refundable contributions to VDSP to qualify for citizenship:

Additional dependents can be added for USD 10,000 each.
*This does not include the Due Diligence fee, government and other fees


2 months

The Vanuatu passport is valid for 5 years and can be easily renewed either in Vanuatu or at any consulate or Embassy around the world.

No, there is no travel or stay requirement.

98 countries including the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more

No, there is no language or any in-person interview requirement

Yes, the main applicant can add a spouse, their dependent children, and parents to the application for Vanuatu citizenship

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